The Concept

#WarOnCancer is a free global storytelling platform for anyone who is currently fighting cancer or has fought it in the past, and for their loved ones. Cancer is one of modern society’s biggest killers with more than one in two projected to develop the disease within their lifetime*. Yet, most people know next to nothing about cancer and a diagnosis often leaves the victim in complete shock and despair. Our aim is to provide victims of cancer a platform to share their journey and experiences – something we know first hand is essential to the recovery process.

*Cancer Research UK, February 2015



The Story

#WarOnCancer was jointly founded by Fabian Bolin, actor and model, and Sebastian Hermelin, industrial engineer. In July 2015, Fabian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – blood cancer. On the day of the diagnosis, he created the blog War on Cancer, in which he began to describe his journey aiming to give people a detailed understanding of what he was going through and what cancer treatment truly means to the individual.

“I found it strange that I knew so little about a disease that more than half of the population is expected to develop within their lifetime. So I decided to share my journey, in pretty intrinsic detail, in order to enlighten people about what going through cancer really means.”

Fabian Bolin

Fabian’s initial post was shared over 13,000 times on Facebook and during the following weeks tens of thousands of people reached out through messages, e-mails and letters showing their support and gratitude. The letters initially came from other cancer patients and those who had lost their loved ones to the disease, but this group soon expanded to include thousands who were, quite simply, interested and inspired from an existential viewpoint.

“Getting so much unconditional love from readers and being able to express my inner emotions openly and truthfully was beyond doubt the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had, and I’m certain this is why I recovered so quickly.”

Fabian Bolin

The idea of raising money for cancer research was born within weeks after starting the blog. Best friend Sebastian Hermelin stepped in to assist in the creation of the #WarOnCancer Bracelets, which are sold exclusively on our website.

“When one of your closest friends gets diagnosed with cancer it sort of puts your own life, everything and everyone around you in perspective. The urge to do something good – to do something for someone else – grew into the creation of the #WarOnCancer bracelets”.

Sebastian Hermelin

In early 2016 the idea of a web publishing platform emerged, as a way of taking the #WarOnCancer concept to the next level and sharing it with a broader audience, therefore, including more people in the fight.

We are at the beginning of a very personal and exciting journey – our aim is to make a safe haven for all victims of cancer, where knowledge and experience is shared and questions are answered.

If you have any ideas or wish to share your thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.
Team #WarOnCancer

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