Reaching everyone who is affected by cancer is one of our primary objectives.

Below organizations and individuals have helped us through their expertise and networks.

We appreciate creative solutions where all parties have something to gain, including our storytellers. Download our PDF here to learn more.

Would your organization be interesting in becoming a part of the #WarOnCancer movement? Don’t hesitate to contact Sebastian at [email protected]




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Our ambition is to create a network of ambitious organizations and individuals that work towards a common goal – to make the world a better place for those affected by cancer.

Please note that we are not donating any funds to our ambassador organizations but have formed mutually beneficial ways of working with them so that we both can help each other reach our common goal. To find out more about which organizations we are currently funding, please see section Cancer Research.

We have a unique business model that creates awareness for both your organization and ours. Download our PDF here to learn more. Would your cancer-battling organization want to become part of the Ambassador Initiative? Don’t hesitate to contact Sebastian at [email protected]


#WarOnCancer donates 50% of the profit from sold products directly to cancer research on an annual basis.

The following two charities have been carefully selected to receive the proceeds.


Worldwide Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research is a charity which funds research into any type of cancer anywhere in the world, funding some of most diverse and unexpected projects in the world’s best institutions. We currently have 163 active projects in 22 different countries in 116 institutions globally. We believe the answers will not come from one scientist, in one lab, in one country. Our vision is to see no life cut short by cancer.




Leuka supports the work of dedicated scientists and clinicians who are committed to providing the best treatment possible and undertaking the most advanced research into leukaemia and related disorders. They collaborate nationally and globally, for the greater benefit of patients here and abroad.


Brace Yourself

#WarOnCancer Bracelet

Three variants: Gold, Rose Gold and Stainless Steel. One bendable size that you can fit around your wrist.
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