Friday 11 September, 2020

1. Fight cancer 2. Lose my hair 3. Beat cancer

I don’t think most people say they are grateful that they got cancer. While I would have preferred to not get cancer, it changed how I view myself.  It taught me that I can do things I literally never imagined.

1. Fight cancer 2. Loose my hair 3. BEAT cancer. 4. Spend weeks in the hospital fighting an infection I learned something big from all of these unpredictable situations. The lessons I learned will Stay with me for life and I will see a benefit from that. One of the biggest things I was worried about was losing my hair. I was terrified because I loved my hair more than any other part of me, I hated the idea of me being completely bald and I hated the idea of me having short hair and having to grow my hair back.

Now having gone through the bald and growing hair stage i loved it. maybe being completely bald wasn’t my favorite but I still rocked it. And now that it is growing back I am so excited to go through all the stages as well as doing fun things with my hair. (Its already over an inch long!) Not only did it make me more confident physically. I am more confident with what I want in life (not 100% there but progress!) i’m so excited to continue living life and seeing where it takes me and seeing what challenges it has to offer.

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