Tuesday 4 February, 2020

“Am I going to lose my hair?” 

Kara, based in the US, is a synovial sarcoma survivor.

Your hair becomes a strong part of your identity as a woman. I spent countless hours primping my luscious brunette locks to perfection as a 24 year old woman, working in fashion magazines, and living in New York City.

With a clouded sense of what chemotherapy was or where to begin, naturally, one of the first questions I asked my oncologist during our initial consult was, “Am I going to lose my hair?” 

“Yes, but it will grow back,” he said as he passed the tissues. 

He recommended chemo cold caps to me and then I later learned from a fellow sarcoma survivor that unfortunately, the caps don’t work with synovial sarcoma.

They recommended me to cut my hair

I was recommended to cut my hair into a pixie or buzz my hair, “as soon as possible” to make it easier — referring primarily to my emotional wellbeing, but physical as well because when you loose your hair during chemo (as you likely know), it’s a total pain in the ass.

And then I heard that Bumble & Bumble in Meatpacking had a pretty sleek set up, so I penciled in an appointment with one of their lead senior stylists. 

A few days later, I had my girl gang by my side in Bumble & Bumble. We all dressed up for the occasion, making it more of a fab, rather drab, memory in my mind. I remember I had a new accessory that day —  a 24/7 chemo pump that I later nicknamed my toxic boyfriend, because he just kept coming back. 

Before you knew it, my girls had Odesza music blaring in our private salon room (thanks to the B&B team) and all of my friends danced, sang, and dropped it low around me as my precious locks fell to the floor.

***Quick tip — if you want to donate your hair or make it into a custom wig, there are very specific ways you must cut it! Do your research with the organization prior. ***

I felt empowered

The stylist whirled around the salon chair and to my surprise, I felt empowered, beautiful and dare I say liberated — even though I was still attached to my toxic boyfriend.

I’m sharing this story, because there are ways to turn dark times into light ones. Although losing my hair, and a part of my 24-year old ego, was heartbreaking, this day shines bright as a highlight throughout my cancer journey. Many thanks to my girl friends and the Bumble & Bumble meatpacking team for making this day so special. I will never forget it — in the best way.

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Why I Had a Pixie Cut Dance Party Before I Lost All of My Hair
Kara, based in the US, is a synovial sarcoma survivor.

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