Wednesday 23 October, 2019

My way back after cancer

Aron Anderson is an adventurer, lecturer and bone cancer survivor.

Sitting down for the first time in a year was the best feeling ever! Just wow!

When I finally was allowed to sit again my mom found this rehab camp in Spain and figured that would be a great way for me to improve my strength quickly.

At this point, I was still using my walker but at the camp, there was this coach called Pia that thought my life could really improve if I had a wheelchair. I was incredibly afraid to use a wheelchair cause to me that really meant being handicapped and why would I use a wheelchair when I could walk?

Fortunately Pia was relentless and finally, she managed to make me try a wheelchair for the first time.

That moment truly changed my life. Finally, I was free. Finally I could go really fast with the chair and it wasn’t even that hard.

My way back to life after cancer was sports. And sports which I had always loved before getting sick was finally possible again thanks to my new wheelchair.

I started trying every sport there was and I quickly fell in love with athletics and sledge hockey. Both sports were incredibly physically demanding and to me, that was exactly what I needed. I had to build my body up again and in that process, I also built my mind back up. I got my confidence back knowing that I was actually good at something, Knowing that I could actually amount to something even though I was in a wheelchair.

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Aron Anderson is an adventurer, lecturer and bone cancer survivor.

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