Wednesday 23 October, 2019

When chemo didn’t work for me

Aron Anderson is an adventurer, lecturer and bone cancer survivor.

I received chemo and radiation therapy for a little bit more than a year. The treatments were brutal and at times I was feeling so bad. 

At other times between treatments I actually felt kind of okay so at those times I did my best to play football with my friends and ride my bike around the neighborhood. Those brief moments of feeling “normal” were always really important to me.

Another “normal” thing for me was to do school work in the hospital. To me when you’re in a surreal situation like going through cancer is normal can actually be the best feeling in the world.

After a year of chemo and radiation, the doctors finally realized that the treatments didn’t have the effect they had hoped for. There was only 1 option left. To take out the tumor with surgery. 

That surgery meant cutting a lot of nerves going to my legs which would mean that I would never be able to play football again or do many of the things I loved. 

At the same time is was the only option. It was a choice between death and a wheelchair.

I remember being rolled into the surgery and transferring over to the operating table where I was given a warm blanket which felt so good. Moments later the nurse said hi to me with a big smile and soon thereafter she said that I would go to sleep in a few moments. She started counting down from 10 and on 5 I fell deep asleep holding my mom and dads hands.

The surgery took 14 hours and I can just imagine how hard it must have been for my parents waiting outside unknowing of the outcom

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Aron Anderson is an adventurer, lecturer and bone cancer survivor.

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