Friday 11 September, 2020

Cancer taught me this

I never in 1 million years would have guessed that I would get cancer. Obviously nobody thinks they’re going to get cancer but when I got diagnosed I was so shocked.

I didn’t really believe it or understand that it was a big deal. I would kind of just make jokes or dance around it by saying: “it is what it is”. which I still believe but i no longer belittle the problems I went through. I went through some hard crap and it was terrible and it was painful and it wasn’t fun. I can say that now but at the time I didn’t want anybody to feel bad for me or worry about me so I would always act like I was doing great or say I was doing better than I was. keeping a positive attitude and mindset is something that definitely carried me throughout my treatments and time in the hospital but it wasn’t the best because doctors and people in my life sometimes didn’t understand the severity of what I was going through. 

Cancer taught me how to be more vocal about things that are going on in my life and Has made me more comfortable with sharing what I think or how I feel with the people in my life.

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