Friday 11 September, 2020

Celebrating Finishing Chemo

This is a photo of me taken in February, 2020 of me finishing up nine months of arduous chemotherapy! It was a rough journey and in that time I ended up breaking my left hip due to bone mets and getting emergency double hip surgery. This celebration dance with the nurses was a hard won dance! 

This is the post I wrote on Instagram in February in relation to this photo:

My last chemo infusion was this Tuesday!! I love these nurses. They have carried me through hell and high water. I was PETRIFIED when I started treatment in May, 2019. My best friend Dev had died 3.5 years earlier from Acute Myeloid Leukemia and I had severe fear of the conventional mode of treatment due to being with her for months at a time in the hospital. I partially blamed conventional treatment for her death. I realized now that was just an expression of my trauma of her loss. I refused all western treatment until I was referred to Hospice and was staring death down. Would I die for my stubborn beliefs or would I open my mind to try something that might extend my precious breath for more time on Earth? I chose life and to face my fears!

I’m so glad I did. It hasn’t been easy but I’m happy to say I’m doing really well! My blood tests are impeccable, last CAT scan showed remarkable improvement and I’m due to get my next full CAT scan and blood panel in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed 🤞 (Note: the test results were STELLAR! 🌟)

The nurses say I look like a totally different person now. They reminded me that when I started I was pretty slim from losing weight due to cancer, my color was kind of grey and I was walking with a cane due to bone metastasis. Yup I’m a stubborn wahine! (Wahine is woman in Hawaiian)

These nurses are angels! Their love gave me the confidence to continue through the challenges, my two hospital stays (one due to chemo complications and one due to breaking my left hip) and I actually looked forward to seeing them! 

Life holds many surprises and I’m so grateful to be alive! I know these beautiful souls played a huge part in my recovery. Mahalo for your loving hearts dear friends. You’re making a difference more then you will ever know!

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