Our community is safe, inclusive and ad-free.

Community Guidelines


We at War on Cancer care for our community and for this purpose have the following guidelines to maintain a safe and respectful place for everyone. We will also cover what to do if you discover someone breaching these guidelines.


Summary of Guidelines

All of our users must agree to the following points.

1. I will respect the privacy of others

Post only your own photos. Sharing other members' information and/or content outside of this platform is strictly forbidden. Do not spam.

2. I won't share graphic images/sensitive content

We care to protect our members from any graphic or inappropriate content and that is why we do not allow pictures such as visible internal organs, genitalia and pornographic images. Content that has a clear connection to cancer such as mastectomy or other surgeries that do not involve genitals are allowed. 

3. I won't share promotions or advertisements

The War On Cancer app is an ad-free app and community. Monetised promotions, spam, irrelevant links or promoting any non-scientifically proven cures for  cancer are not allowed.


4. I won't try to seek funds or donations.

In order to avoid financial pressure during cancer and since we are an ad-free app, asking for money in any form goes against our guidelines.

5. I will not use content on War On Cancer as a substitute for medical advice

Any medical advice shared in the app are recommendations based on individual life experiences with cancer. We always recommend you to communicate with your medical team regarding medical advice.

6. Medical advice

Sharing tips and treatment options are okay. However, promoting or sharing medical advice and cancer cures such as teas, waters, homeopathy and religious acts are not allowed.


7. I will treat others with respect

The War On Cancer app is for personal growth and connecting with others. It is, for example, not a dating app, so please keep a respectful tone.


8. Privacy

When you use the War On Cancer app, we collect information that you share using the platform as well as how the platform is accessed and used. If you share special categories of personal data (sensitive personal data) about your health when using the platform, we will also process such sensitive personal data.

When you communicate with us, for example via email, we collect the information you provide. This may include your [identity information, contact information and communication].


What to do if you discover someone going against our guidelines.

Let us know about it! You have the possibility to report a member in the app and explain why s/he is being reported. Do this by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) on the person's profile page or by clicking on the ellipsis (three dots) at the top right corner in a post.

It is our policy to remove content that violates our community guidelines. We may remove comments, entire posts and we also may disable entire accounts if we discover violations of our Community Guidelines.