Thursday 16 January, 2020

Find Your Tribe!

Tina is a Podcaster, Cheerleader, Breast Cancer Survivor

One bit of advice I always tell others going through hard times is to find your tribe.  The power of community is amazing and can help you find the light when you are surrounded by the darkness.  I turned to social media as a way to connect with other young cancer survivors.  We cheer each other on!  We empathize when side effects, scans or pain get in the way.  We give advice on finding the right doctor, on how to minimize pain.  We inspire each other to find joy in the journey.

This poem is dedicated to all of my pink sisters that have been and continue to be such an important part of my life.  During my Podcast DJ Breast Cancer, I have had the pleasure of meeting such amazing women from around the world that have touched my life in ways I could never have imagined.  I have been given access to their world and I have allowed them into mine.  These friends and pink sisters motivate me, encourage me, inspire me, teach me and make me cherish every and every little moment. 

Sister, Cheerleader, and Stranger

Cross Country, ‘round the world, up the street

You get me, you absolutely get me

You make me feel human, more complete

Pink Lady, Supporter, and Nurse

I don’t have to explain, I can simply cry

You understand me, you let me be me

Without ever having to explain why

Mother, Daughter, Friend

You give me hope, you give me time

You know my truths, my insecurities

You know my favorite wine

Podcaster, Blogger, Writer

You talk about my hope and fear

You know too well about scanxiety

And prayers for margins in the clear

Is the cancer back?

What are these aches and pain?

How will life ever be normal?

You get it all, you keep me sane!

Take my hand friend

For comfort in the dark days

I may not have all the right words

But I want to thank you always

Tina Conrad, poddcaster
Tina is a Podcaster, Cheerleader, Breast Cancer Survivor

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