Health Studies

Participate in Health Studies and help improve the future of those affected by cancer.

Your experience can help others

By opting in and participating in a study, sharing information such as symptoms experienced during treatment and quality of life experienced after treatment, you’ll be able to improve the future for others affected by cancer.

Help researchers innovate

Healthcare, Academia and the Life Science sector — all working together to improve the lives of anyone affected by cancer — are in need of invaluable insights into what life is like during and after cancer treatment. Information they are currently not receiving. By actively participating in health studies, you’ll help researchers improve the future of cancer healthcare.

”I’ve now found new friends through the War On Cancer app, who actually understand and are able and willing to offer support.

Today I feel an important sense of making my own experiences useful for others.”

Emma, 33

Breast Cancer, Sweden

You decide

It’s up to you to decide how and if you want to engage in health studies – your participation is always consensual and you can withdraw at any time.

You're in control

When you get invited to a health study, you will be informed about its purpose, what the responses will be used for and who the researcher is.

You are in control of when you participate, if you want to participate and if you want to withdraw your participation.

Simple questions,
large impact
When you actively participate in health studies, you will be sharing invaluable information with those working to improve treatment guidelines and support functions for others affected by cancer.

It's compliant and safe

User privacy is a top priority for us. We are committed to upholding the highest levels of transparency, security and user control. Security and privacy best practices are adopted to ensure the safekeeping of data, including encryption, pseudonymization, and many other techniques. We ensure that users can exercise their rights over their data according to GDPR, as specified in the Privacy Policy.

Your security is our biggest priority.

“War On Cancer is the definition of what the future of patient driven healthcare could look like: engaged and involved individuals helping themselves and each other through the power of technology.”

Berkeley Vincent

Managing Director Janssen Europe, Nordics Baltics, Middle East & Africa

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