Monday 3 February, 2020

How Cancer Catapulted My Spiritual Consciousness

Kara, based in the US, is a synovial sarcoma survivor.

I never considered myself “spiritual” nor “religious” pre-cancer diagnosis. I was raised in the midwest by a loving family that supported my beliefs and occasionally took me to church every once in a while as my grandmother was a devoted Christian.

When I was diagnosed

However, when I was diagnosed, I had a fellow sarcoma survivor recommend reiki to me. In particular, Maureen Dodd at Ash Wellness Center on the Upper East Side.

I walked into the cozy sanctuary in my blonde bob wig and remember instantly feeling at home. A puppy roamed around the plush lazy boys draped in faux fur blankets as Dave Matthews sang through the space. 

I spent over two hours with Maureen for spiritual counseling. Mixed with a vision-inducing reiki that was so intense, it felt like my body was levitating. Ever since that cosmic healing session, I have had a devoted passion for spiritual health and wellness. You can say I have fully immersed my life, both personally and professionally, into the wellness world.

Beyond reiki, I really fell in love with crystals and meditation during cancer treatment. I would carry clear quartz crystals (known as the most versatile healing stone, and also a great pain reliever) to my chemotherapy session. I brought rose quartz to my healing sessions to foster self-love. And left amethyst by my bedside table to ease my nervous system and help with sleep.

Discovering meditation

I discovered the nourishing bliss state in meditation, where your body feels like it’s enveloped in energetic euphoric bliss. Started small with a 3-minute meditation from Kelsey Patel on the Balanced Blonde podcast. Would do on-the-go to more extended versions that I would play throughout my radiation sessions. Simply to keep my mind at ease.

In retrospect, these little rituals played a huge part in my new life. How I infused mindfulness and positivity into my day-to-day during treatment and beyond.

Kara, based in the US, is a synovial sarcoma survivor.

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