Thursday 30 January, 2020

I made it through chemotherapy!

Ila, based in the US, a cosplayer going through breast cancer.

Chemotherapy is finally over! I made it! It’s hard to believe it was five months of my life. I was lucky, too.

I hate looking like I’m sick

I had minimal side effects, at least that’s what my team tells me. One of the nice?? Things about being diagnosed while young and healthy is that my body sure can take a beating. Still, I experienced overwhelming fatigue, severe brain fog, and of course the loss of my hair. I didn’t mind the hair on my head falling out, but once I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes I felt the pain of looking like a cancer patient. I hate looking like I’m sick, and can’t wait for my brows and lashes to grow back. Still, since that’s my biggest complaint right now, I guess it’s not that bad. My nausea was manageable, my nails didn’t fall out, and I don’t seem to have any lasting neuropathy. I guess I’m lucky for that. I know I’m lucky for the huge hoard of people that were willing to accompany me to my treatments though!  

I’ve never felt such an outpouring of love

I’ve never felt such an outpouring of love from friends and family before. I’ve received countless messages, gifts, well wishes, and cards. I also had so many people willing to come sit with me in the hospital while I was getting infusions. I didn’t manage to get pictures with them all, but I did get a lot! I’m grateful to all of them, my husband, brother, cousin, girlfriend, parents, and aunt and uncle. I don’t know what it’s like sitting and watching someone else get chemotherapy, but I know I’m my end I’m grateful all of them were there. I also had offers from lots of other friends and family members to help drive me to appointments, and so I’m so grateful never to have wanted for support. Cancer truly shows you how much people care. On days I feel insignificant, I’m reminded how many people are on my team, and it’s brought me so much peace knowing I’m a bright spot in so many peoples lives.

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Ila, based in the US, a cosplayer going through breast cancer.

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