Manifesto for a War On Cancer

We are the patient undergoing treatment, the loved one, the friend, the partner and the colleague. We are the survivor, the terminal, the chronic and the lifer.

We are You.

We believe in helping all cancer patients – the young, the I-am-an-adult-but-still-young, and the I-actually-have-some-real-experience ones. People from the north, south, east and west. Cancer has no borders and neither do we, we are here to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer.

The first action has been to create the War On Cancer app; a storytelling platform where shared stories make us feel better. A digital social network where we’ll remind you that you’re never alone.

We’ll fight cancer together.
War On Cancer is

1. Patient-centric

We promise to always represent the voice of the cancer patient in every meeting, seminar, workshop, discussion, campaign, collaboration and meetup. Everything we do will be with the intention of creating a better experience for everyone and anyone affected by cancer. We are you.

War On Cancer is

2. Transparent

We promise to treat your data with respect and transparency. We believe data ownership should be given back to users. With our verified partners within the life science sector we’re creating a new conscious data-sharing dynamic in which users will be able to track how this data is being used and the positive impact it’s generating. We call it ‘cause-driven data donation’

War On Cancer is

3. Independent

We are building a sustainable business model around effective altruism and doing good. We believe this is the most efficient way of facilitating change.

War On Cancer is

4. Collaborative

We want to collaborate, with individuals, charity organisations, the life science sector and other brands. Provided they share the same values and beliefs as us.

War On Cancer is

5.An ad free social network

We promise that we will never allow advertisers onto our and your platform because we don’t think that you need more adverts right now.

War On Cancer is

6. Inclusive

Cancer does not discriminate, nor do we. We represent all cancer patients regardless of nationality, gender, appearance, background, or age. We are here to fight for every cancer patient from the second they have been diagnosed.

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