Monday 21 December, 2020

App Update – Dark Mode

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War On Cancer just went dark 🌚 Visually only, not sentimentally. With our latest app update, it’s possible for all members to use the War On Cancer app in dark mode! It’s easy on the eyes, figuratively and literally – it helps you turn off and relax when you need to sleep or simply be exposed to less blue light. Win-win.

Why dark mode?

Dark mode doesn’t just look sleek and cool. It also decreases the amount of blue light we’re exposed to, which is necessary to maintain good eye health, since many of us already spend so much time exposed to it. When we’re exposed to too much light, it suppresses the secretion of melatonin, hormones needed for sleep. So if you want to connect with others and share your story on the War On Cancer app in the evenings or mornings or before a nap, dark mode will help you do it in a way that’s a bit kinder to your health and wellbeing.

Also, if you’ve got a phone with an OLED screen, it can save battery life because the black pixels require no power – it’ll only use power to light up the lighter pixels that create the icons and text that you see, rather than the whole screen.


How do I switch to dark mode in the app?

Dark mode will be activated by default if your phone is already set to dark mode. You can also turn on dark mode manually in the War On Cancer app by opening your app settings (you find your settings on your profile page by clicking on the three “more” buttons in the top right hand corner). Once in your settings, scroll down to “Display” and selecting the moon icon.

This app update also comes with bug fixes and overall improvements. Check it out in the War On Cancer app and if you haven’t already…

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