Wednesday 20 May, 2020

Interview with War On Cancer co-founder, Fabian

Related Stories recently met with War On Cancer app co-founder Fabian Bolin and spoke about his journey of going through cancer.

There was no sense that something was wrong, no clear warning signs. Prior to my diagnosis I was living in London, where I had spent two years working as an investment banker before deciding to become an actor and changing my career completely. I was set to join two feature films, and had a visa to move to America. I had been working hard for years, so I wasn’t a stranger to exhaustion. I didn’t realise it was a sign of something far more serious than burn out.

I was visiting home at the time, and my parents rushed me to the hospital. Two days later, doctors told me that I had leukemia. Cancer was never – is never – part of anyone’s plan and yet here I was, being told I needed 900 days of chemotherapy. I had so many questions.

Sat in my hospital bed, I wrote a Facebook post intended for friends and family – I was sharing frank, honest information about my new situation, and looking for advice or knowledge from others. 24 hours later my post had been shared 13,000 times. The amount of love and support I received – from those close to me and those I’d never even met before – was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

I made it my new mission to share my experience with the world through writing about it online through my blog, ‘Fabian Bolin’s War on Cancer’. The blog became my savior throughout the treatment; it gave me a place for me to vent all the frustration and darkness I was feeling and, perhaps most importantly, a place where I could feel less alone. My inbox was filled with thousands of messages from people sharing intimate details of their personal journeys, because I had shared mine with them. Whenever I felt down or sad, which I did (and still do) more often than I admit, I would turn to these stories, looking to them to give me the strength to carry on.

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