Wednesday 15 April, 2020

Self-isolation as a cancer patient during Covid19

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Self-isolation as a cancer patient during Covid19. Cancer patients and survivors are advised to stridently follow shielding measures right now. The coronavirus pandemic has the most vulnerable staying at home for three months. What is one cancer survivor doing to keep sane?

Cancer is a challenging disease to combat. Now with a rampant virus spreading across the world, people with lowered immune systems are asked to stay safe at home. How is one cancer survivor making the most of it?

Fabian Bolin is a 32-year-old cancer survivor who is undertaking the government’s shielding measures seriously. He admitted: “I think isolation can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health.” Reflecting on his own experience with isolation – during his cancer treatment – he commented: “The deterioration of your mental health occurs slowly from day to day, and then one day you realise you’re not very happy anymore.” “As human beings, we are genetically coded to be around our peers and in social groups,” he attested. Fabian encourages others experiencing shielding measures to “try and engage in physical exercise”. He added: “Movement, almost instantly, can start to activate happiness in your brain, so it’s always good to work some into your day. “Consider meditation and yoga or a type of mindfulness practice that suits you. “It can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it’s an activity that helps you to escape overthinking and enables you to control your own thoughts.” Having experienced dark days himself, he admitted: “Our minds can get out of control when we are cooped up inside, and we may find ourselves constantly worrying or over analysing. “Training our brain through mindfulness is a good way of preparing for that.”

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