Monday 26 September, 2022

Five Reasons To Practise Self-Care During Cancer

We believe everyone should practise self-care, it’s good for the soul. When you, or a loved one, is faced with a cancer diagnosis, it can feel like there’s no time or room for anything other than getting through cancer.

Here are five reasons why prioritising self-care when going through cancer is actually pretty important:

It gives you a chance to recover. Cancer treatment can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Taking some time to prioritise self-care, whatever that may look like to you, allows your body and mind to ‘catch up’ with what it’s going through. 

It gives you time to process. A cancer diagnosis, be it your own or that of a loved one, can be a huge thing to wrap your head around. For many, it may signal a period of uncertainty and having to overcome things not previously faced. Self-care is a chance for you to check in with yourself and reflect on how you’re doing. 

To help you still feel like you. Cancer can bring about so much change, from your day-to-day routine to your physical appearance. Keeping up the self-care routines you’ve always enjoyed can help you still feel like yourself, even if you’re facing something totally unknown. 

It can help you feel in control.  A cancer diagnosis involves putting your faith into other people and the introduction of many unknowns, which is why many people who go through cancer often report feeling a lack of control of their own lives. Practising self-care is something that’s just for you, by you. You can choose what self-care means to you and how you want to carry it out. 

Because you deserve it! More often than not, cancer can feel like an endless cycle of doctor appointments, treatments and recovery. It’s ok to take a moment and treat yourself a little.

If you or a loved one are facing a cancer diagnosis, you’re not alone. War On Cancer is a community for anyone impacted by cancer.

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