Monday 15 February, 2021

Free Cancer Tattoo Removal for anyone affected by cancer in Sweden

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War On Cancer, the Stockholm-based digital support tool for anyone during and after cancer treatment, partners with Rethink Tattoo Removal and offers people affected by cancer free fully complete tattoo removal treatment.

Improving Mental Health on World Cancer Day
February is the month of the year which highlights World Cancer Day – an annual day that aims to raise awareness and push for progress to prevent, detect, and treat cancer worldwide. This year, War On Cancer released a new health study focusing on investigating how cancer care addresses the mental health effects of going through cancer. This health study, available for any member in the War On Cancer app, empowers people who are diagnosed with cancer to tweak the future, today. War On Cancer has made it easy to participate in cancer research and help cancer health care and researchers understand the needs of anyone experiencing cancer. But, for War On Cancer, it doesn’t stop there. War On Cancer and Rethink Tattoo Removal are partnering to offer anyone affected by cancer in Sweden free tattoo removal, in order to alleviate the suffering from remaining tattoo marks due to cancer treatment.

CEO, co-founder War On Cancer, and cancer survivor Fabian Bolin explains that the tiny tattoos used for cancer treatment is an involuntary body modification which, once completed with cancer treatment, can for some be a constant reminder of the hardships of cancer which may affect one’s mental health while trying to move forward.

“Some people who’ve experienced cancer don’t feel strongly about the markings while others have very negative feelings about this involuntary body modification, which can serve as a constant reminder of what you’ve have gone through,” Bolin said.

Excited to partner with Rethink – offering free lifetime tattoo removal
Bolin explains that Qualitative research shows that some “experienced a lack of choice, disempowerment, and the realisation of the enormity of the cancer, given it required a permanent mark and as we (War On Cancer) aim to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer, we are naturally very excited to partner with Rethink and offer free lifetime tattoo removal for anyone suffering.  

After a person has successfully completed treatment and begins survivorship, these marks are a constant reminder of what they’ve been through. For some, these small tattoos aren’t of any large significance, but others feel they cannot move forward and get on with living without worrying about the tattoo being visible when wearing the same clothes as before, or in gym or beachwear. The visibility of these marks can spark questions from others and makes it hard to control whom and when we want to talk about our experience with cancer.

CEO and co-founder of Rethink Tattoo Removal Leo Freden explains that the procedure itself is non-inasive and that the treatments are both effective and over in less than a few seconds.

“Many people who go through cancer treatment are marked with small black dots of ink and it is these types of tattoos that we are more than happy to offer to remove for anyone in Sweden,” Freden said.

If you or someone you know would like to have their tattoos removed, due to cancer treatment, access the discount code through the War On Cancer account in the War On Cancer app.

For more information contact:
Anusha Nayar
Fabian Bolin

About War On Cancer 
War On Cancer was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017. The company recently raised a €2,100,000 Pre-A round, with H&M Chairman Karl-Johan Persson, The Wallenberg Family Foundation and former Swedbank CEO Michael Wolf investing. The company has, to-date, raised €3,125,000.

During late 2020, War On Cancer was approved by ORCHA – the world’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation. Furthermore, Microsoft recently selected War On Cancer into their new program Microsoft for Startups with a $120,000 grant. War On Cancer employs 18 people, with its team split between Sweden and Bosnia.

About ReThink 
Rethink Tattoo Removal was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 and has grown to become the largest actor within tattoo removal in Sweden. It has helped over 3000 people remove unwanted tattoos and carried out over 12,000 treatments since its inception. The company takes pride in its use of state of the art machinery, Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers, and its measured before and after procedures. Rethink is the most recommended and highly rated actor in the Nordics. The company is set to expand its operations in 2021 and currently operates clinics in Stockholm and Östersund.

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