Friday 11 September, 2020

Health Studies in the War On Cancer app

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The War On Cancer app team recently released the latest app feature ‘Health Studies.’ Health Studies aims to bridge the must-needed gap between cancer patients and cancer researchers. Listen in on Fabian Bolin, CEO and co-founder of War On Cancer app, talking about the need of lifting patient voices which will enable us to create a future that is patient-driven.

In the first War On Cancer app Health Study we are inviting everyone affected by cancer, from current and former patients to loves ones, to participate in a 5-min survey, hosted in the War On Cancer app. The survey aims to help researchers understand how anyone affected by cancer has experienced the corona pandemic and ultimately lead to researchers supporting cancer health care with recommendations that are patient-focused.

Watch the full interview here

The first War On Cancer Health Study

The study aims to assess how people affected by cancer (including current/former patients, and loved ones) are being impacted during the coronavirus pandemic, by asking about their experience of healthcare systems, work support, and general health and wellbeing. The patient-reported outcome data, which until now has not been accessible to any researchers or academic institutions, will help researchers at Karolinska Institutet improve cancer care throughout the potential next waves of the pandemic.

The study, which is launched to all War On Cancer members, will ask users questions such as: ‘Have any of your loved ones faced difficulties in their contact with cancer healthcare due to the coronavirus pandemic?’, ‘If you are currently admitted to the hospital, are/have visits from friends and family been affected by the coronavirus pandemic?’, and ‘Have you faced difficulties contacting cancer-related healthcare due to the corona pandemic?’’

Read the full press release here

Participate in the first War On Cancer Health Study and help researchers understand.
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