Friday 6 November, 2020

Healthy Living During and After Cancer – Live Event

Knowing how to adopt a healthy lifestyle during and after cancer can be a challenge. Everything is changing we’re often not sure how to go about it. We’re tackling this topic with World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), a non-profit specialized in cancer prevention research related to diet, weight and physical activity, at our next Live Event on November 10th.

Matt Lambert, Health Information Officer at WCRF and nutritionist, is joining Fabian Bolin, Co-Founder at War On Cancer, to talk about how to approach healthy living while adapting to life with cancer, and tips on how to actually apply it to your life.

We’ll cover how to think about health and nutrition in treatment, when finishing, and after treatment to building a healthier lifestyle. He’ll help us navigate uncertainty and gain control of nutrition and physical wellbeing whatever stage you’re at. Yes, he’ll also breakdown the truth about diets, cancer, and relapse.

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10 ET – New York
3pm BST – UK
4pm CET – Stockholm 

Matt is a nutritionist with over 15 years of experience, with a BSc and an MSc in nutrition, and translates scientific research into tangible and practical health information for the public. Ask all the questions – live, or send them in before hand. Simply send us an email after signing up.

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