Tuesday 7 January, 2020

Interview with Fabian Bolin in Computer Weekly

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Computer Weekly and Matthew Staff recently met with Fabian Bolin and spoke about the future of War On Cancer.
Read the full article “A Swede’s war on cancer moves to a digital battlefield – One man’s blog in Sweden turned into a healthcare app to support cancer sufferers and is now expanding globally” here

Filling the gaps in healthcare

It begs the question as to why traditional healthcare institutions have not explored such solutions already – but it is actually this question that informs the need for an app like War on Cancer. For generations, the idea of in-hospital healthcare could be better labelled as survival. Doctors and hospitals are tasked with keeping people alive. But don’t always have the resources or inclination to tick off every stage between admission and discharge.
“It’s understandable that they think this way as it’s their job. But it doesn’t mean they should be so resistant to outside help or the idea of partnering with organisations that can fill in the gaps when it comes to overall care,” said Bolin. “I was being cured while in hospital, but many of the concerns I actually had day to day were going unanswered. “What could I eat, when would I be strong enough to start doing exercise. Just generally why was I feeling so down one day and then fitter the next? All of these hour-by-hour challenges can’t be addressed by hospitals for every patient, and that’s why digital platforms such as ours can be so vital.” There are signs of progression to this end. In the UK, War on Cancer is already in discussions with the NHS to be added to its app library, a source of relevant digital tools that help to advise and care for individuals in a more personalised, relatable way.

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