Thursday 15 April, 2021

Letting Go Practice on April 22nd

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Want to learn a technique to help relieve yourself from negative or difficult emotions to improve your mental health?

Join Amy (@carousel on the War On Cancer app) next Thursday, April 22nd, in the evening – she’ll guide you through the “letting go” technique by psychologist David R Hawkins, and help you practice this way of coping with emotional pain. This evening practice will hopefully help you let go of something that has happened throughout your day or your week, or anything you’ve been struggling to deal with, no matter how long it’s been.

The practice will be a total of 45 minutes and you’ll be guided throughout. It will be hosted online as a webinar. All participants will join without camera or sound for your own comfort and to focus fully on the practice.

Sign up below and join us on April 22nd at 8pm UK time, 9pm (21:00) CET to end your day mindfully.

Amy has experienced ovarian cancer, you can read more about her here and follow her on the War On Cancer app.

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