Friday 29 July, 2022

New Feature: Question & Answer Posts

For many, experiencing cancer is a giant leap into the unknown – bottomless questions and nowhere to turn. The War On Cancer app is a place for people to belong to a community of people who can relate to life with cancer, and give and gain support. That’s why we’re launching our latest feature, Question + Answers Posts!

Introducing Question & Answer Posts

Do you have a question about how to approach a certain aspect of your cancer experience? Ask the community through the new Question & Answer post. This post type makes it easier for you to ask, respond to, and follow questions that you find interesting or helpful, as well as identify which posts in your feed are questions. It’s a great way to gain insight and wisdom, as well as share your own with others who may be going through something similar that you’ve experienced too.

As always, the power of a community is most positive and palpable when we have each others’ backs. Reaching out with a question or helping answer someone else’s is an easy way to connect, be supported, and support others navigating cancer.

How do Question & Answer Posts work?

You can ask a question in your regular “Share” flow, by tapping the “+” on the bottom centre. Select “Ask a question”, type your question, and add any additional information if you want. Make sure to add relevant tags so more people can see and respond to your question. Then, share it!

To answer questions, simply respond in the text field “write an answer.” If you find an answer insightful, tap the lightbulb!

cancer questions and answers

If you find a question interesting, tap on “Follow” in order to follow the question and be updated about any responses to it.

Make sure to update to the latest version of the app in order to get started with Question & Answer Posts! As always, reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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