Tuesday 8 March, 2022

New Health Study: Having Children After Cancer

Our second health study of our #10ToImpact2022 is here! We’re releasing this survey to better understand if and how going through cancer can affect the wish, and ability, to have children. By participating in this survey, you provide valuable insights into the impact of cancer on fertility and family planning, and by that help shape the future of cancer research.

As a patient-founded, patient-first health-tech startup, we believe the voices of everyone impacted by cancer are the most important, and the most powerful. We aim to release 10 health studies in 2022 that will span a range of topics during and after the cancer experience. Read more about our #10surveys2022 goal here.

Having Children After Cancer

Studies have shown that cancer treatment can impact one’s fertility, both among men and women. What is less known is how going through cancer might affect attitudes concerning childbearing and building a family after surviving cancer. The purpose of this study is to investigate both the impact of cancer treatment on fertility, and whether cancer changes the wish to have children. The results from the study will be visualized in a report and published in a peer-reviewed journal to further discussions about the need for support and follow-up during and after cancer. The results may also be used to improve the War On Cancer member experience.

Our aim is to shine a light on the wishes of people impacted by cancer and whether their attitudes towards having children changes after going through cancer. By gaining deeper insight into an otherwise grey area in cancer research, cancer care can better adhere and respond to the wishes of having, or not having, children. By amplifying the patient voice, we improve the mental health and wellbeing of people with and after cancer, and make the future of cancer care patient-driven.

Only people who go through cancer have the answers to questions like this. This survey has 13 questions and takes 5-10 minutes to answer – what better opportunity to put awareness into action? Who better to do so than you?

Your voice counts for the future of cancer research and care. By completing this study in the War On Cancer app, you have the power to improve the lives of everyone affected by cancer. Talk about low threshold, high impact change-making.

Update to the latest version or download the War On Cancer app below to participate! Let’s do this.

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