Sunday 5 June, 2022

New Health Study: Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Our fifth health study of our #10ToImpact2022 is here! Cancer patients face a range of physical and psychosocial challenges during treatment but also later in life, sometimes several years after finishing treatment. The purpose of the study is to find out how being treated for cancer affects a person on both a physical and psychosocial level in order to better understand and improve the well-being of those impacted by cancer. So, if you’ve ever been treated for cancer, make your voice heard through this survey and make a difference in the future of cancer care.

As a patient-founded, patient-first health-tech startup, we believe the voices of everyone impacted by cancer are the most important, and the most powerful. We aim to release 10 health studies in 2022 that will span a range of topics during and after the cancer experience. This ones is

This survey has 10 questions and takes about 5 minutes to answer. This will help cancer care better understand what psychological and physical side effects are experienced from going through cancer treatment, quality of care, and the treatment’s impact on your quality of life. By participating, your voice can better the future of cancer research and care. Talk about low threshold, high impact change-making.

Update to the latest version or download the War On Cancer app below to participate! Let’s do this.

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