Monday 31 May, 2021

Next Session with Psychologist Hana Jamali: June 7th

Every month, the War On Cancer app will offer all members of the War On Cancer community free live sessions with licensed psychologist, Hana Jamali. Hana will help us learn techniques and ways to cope with life during and after cancer. Our next session is coming up on Monday, June 7th at 14.00 (2:00 pm CET / 1:00pm UK) where we’ll cover the topic of loved ones and cancer – both how to cope with cancer being a loved one, but also for everyone who has experienced cancer first-hand to learn about how to approach loved ones, well, lovingly.

Loved ones also experience shock and worry and go through grief, even if they haven’t experienced cancer first-hand. How can loved ones cope with cancer? How can they help their loved one with cancer cope? The dynamic between “patient” and loved ones and shift in roles that cancer can create between those who go through it and those who walk alongside will be discussed this session – with War On Cancer app co-founder and leukaemia survivor, Fabian Bolin, and Psychologist, Hana Jamali.

Hana has extensive experience working clinically with patients and couples and is specialized in conflict management, change management, and working with people affected by cancer. She is also a radio psychologist in Sweden.

The session will be 45 minutes and set up in webinar format so all participants will join without a camera or sound and anonymously/privately, for your own comfort. Ask questions to Hana via the chat during the session or send in your questions before the session to

We hope you can join and can help you in coping with cancer as a part of life. Missed the second session about fearing the unknown during cancer? Watch it here.

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