Thursday 16 April, 2020

Nutrition when going through cancer

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Nutrition when going through cancer. Every week in the War On Cancer app we post War On Cancer ‘Take Overs’. The weekly takeovers are done by professionals who are share insights into their lives, work and what they have experienced. This week the War On Cancer weekly take over is done by Klara Nyplius Standley – Dietitian with a degree in clinical nutrition working with oncology patients.

Meet Klara

Hi! My name is Klara Nypelius Standley and I work as a dietitian in a hospital in the south of Sweden. I finished my degree in clinical nutrition five years ago and I’ve been working specifically with oncology patients since January last year and on daily basis advice on nutrition when going through cancer.

Work as a Dietitian

A day at work. At our clinic, we treat patients with a lot of different cancer diagnoses. My job is to help those who have difficulties eating and/or suffer from involuntary weight loss, making sure that they get the necessary amounts of energy and nutrients to manage through the often tough treatments. I also hold open lectures for all patients about food and cancer where we discuss nutrition research, recommendations, and common myths. In the future, what do you think dietitians could do to improve cancer care? Join the conversation in the War On Cancer app and let us know what you think and what advice you’ve received about nutrition when going through cancer.

Klara Nypelius – Dietitian working with people going through cancer
“Less anxiety and worries about food and my diet” – The best feedback I can get!

For many patients, what to eat can become very stressful, and “good advice” from family, friends and the media can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of conflicting “information” out there and it can be quite difficult to know what to believe. Helping people feel less stressed out about food is one of the best parts of my job! It’s important to remember that dietary recommendations can differ depending on where you are in your treatment and that the same advice is not applicable for everyone. Do you feel worried about what to eat? What do you do to reduce anxiety about food? For evidence-based information on-line, check out the websites from AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) or WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund). If you are Swedish Cancerfondens website is a good source of information.
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