Wednesday 15 June, 2022

Taking Cancer On Podcast – Episode 5

Boehringer Ingelheim’s podcast called Taking Cancer On has released its fifth episode. Hosted by Sebastian Hermelin, co-founder of War On Cancer, this new episode focuses on living with lung cancer. Sebastian speaks to Keith Perry, a lung cancer survivor who took a truly awe-inspiring approach to his recovery journey after losing his left lung to cancer.

Episode 5: Keith’s Journey With Lung Cancer

Expert Guests: Keith Perry, a lung cancer survivor.

Listen in on Keith’s story as he shares about his diagnosis, treatment, and recovery journey. This episode also covers topics including having conversations about cancer, the importance of support, and lung cancer facts and statistics.

Wow, it’s hard not to walk away from a conversation with Keith feeling totally inspired and motivated to go out and get on with those things in your life that you’ve been putting off. And while it might be easy to come away thinking that Keith is some kind of superhuman, which he obviously is, there are also some important universal truths in his story. The importance of family, friends and fellow patients to help guide and support you on your cancer journey. That cancer conversations are hard but also beneficial, and that you really don’t have to tell everyone, everything, and not all the time! That anyone can be impacted by lung cancer, not just the stereotypical smoker image that we might have in our heads. And that it’s super important to take any aches or pains you might be experiencing seriously, so that you can get diagnosed and treated earlier, when your treatment options actually might differ.

My thanks once again goes to Keith for sharing his story so openly with us, I hope you also feel inspired and uplifted by his words.

– Sebastian Hermelin, Taking Cancer On Podcast

Take a listen to episode 5 here.

About Taking Cancer On – The Podcast

In an effort to simplify the science behind Boehringer Ingelheim’s ambition to ‘drug the undruggable’, this podcast draws back the curtain on cancer research and takes a look at its complex inner workings.  Hosted by Sebastian Hermelin (co-founder of the War On Cancer app), each episode welcomes a new expert guest who takes the listener through one of the many stages of cancer research and drug development; from early discovery efforts, through to clinical trials and drug approval.

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