Sunday 14 June, 2020

Interview: Fabian Bolin in The everyday Man UK

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The Everyday Interview with Fabian Bolin who founded the War On Cancer app

Summary Interview: Fabian Bolin in The everyday Man UK

Stockholm-based former investment banker, actor and model Fabian Bolin set up social media network to help improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer.

He launched the storytelling platform, after being diagnosed with leukaemia in 2015 at the age of 28, finding comfort in writing a blog about his illness. One particular post went viral with 13,000 shares in just 24 hours and Fabian’s blog went on to achieve worldwide attention.

With a team of 13, Fabian and his business partner Sebastian Hermelin are now changing the conversation around cancer and mental health.  Fabian tells us more as he answers our 7 Everyday Interview questions.

What did you want to be growing up?

After letting go of the rather typical “I want to become an NHL (National Hockey League) star” dream around 12 or 13, my focus shifted towards wanting to build a company. Microsoft was at its absolute peak and Bill Gates was, and still is, someone I admired. This idea of being an entrepreneur stayed with me throughout most of my childhood and teenage years. Before eventually embarking on business school studies (in other words ‘getting my act together’), I spent a summer in LA doing a film acting course. Both my parents used to work in the creative arts field, with my father being an opera singer and my mother working at the Royal Theatre in Stockholm – albeit not as an actress – so I guess I was partly influenced by them.

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