Tuesday 4 February, 2020

War On Cancer featured in Digital Health

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Digital Health recently met up with War On Cancer founders’ Fabian Bolin and Sebastian Hermelin and spoke about the War On Cancer journey. Read the full article here.

Cancer diagnosis leads to a social-networking app to boost mental health

When Fabian Bolin was diagnosed with cancer his world fell apart around him – but from personal adversity grew an idea for an online platform where cancer patients could share their journey, support each other and, eventually, help inform clinical studies. Four years after his diagnosis, the War on Cancer app was launched, providing a social networking-style platform for cancer patients, survivors and loved ones. It provides a much-needed space to discuss symptoms, the challenges of cancer and, perhaps most importantly, offers a sense of community and comfort when it’s most needed. Fabian, chief executive, and Sebastian Hermelin, co-founder of War on Cancer, are currently in discussions with the NHS to have their app included in the NHS App library and one day hope it will be prescribed as part of a patient’s cancer treatment. They also hope to use data collated from the app to help inform clinical trials, particularly around patient experience and wellbeing.

From the left: Fabian Bolin and Sebastian Hermelin

War On Cancer is here to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer. Let someone affected by cancer know where to find us or download the War On Cancer app here

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