Wednesday 18 May, 2022

War On Cancer Now Available On Desktop

We are so happy to announce that we have just launched the web version of War On Cancer – that’s right, it’s now possible to log in to the community directly in your web browser.

First and foremost, our aim is to be accessible for anyone and everyone in need of a community that understands what cancer is like. By launching a web app, we make it easier to log in and access the community on the device that suits you best – from anywhere, at anytime.

This is just the start! The web app version that is being launched today is a light version. You can create an account or login and see people’s posts. It will continue to develop, which means that it’ll soon be possible to do all the things you can do on the mobile app on desktop as well, such as comment and react to posts, share your story, update your mood, and send messages.

Whether you’re at work and in need of a quick check-in with the community, or prefer a larger screen to read stories, War On Cancer’s web app is now here for you to do so.

Open War On Cancer’s desktop app

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