Wednesday 17 June, 2020

War On Cancer podcast: episode 3

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In episode 3 the War On Cancer app co-founders, Sebastian and Fabian, meet Dag Härdfeldt – a licensed psychologist at a primary care center and at the app doctor KRY/LIVI. Dag helps people recently diagnosed with cancer to process the initial shock and explains what happens with the mind when going through cancer.

Side-effects such as depression, anxiety and PTSD are often overlooked when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Not only for the person going through cancer but also for their loved ones. In War On Cancer podcast: episode 3 Dag explains what loved ones can do to better support someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer. And what someone during and after cancer treatment can do and may need in order to turn a potential ‘cancer trauma’ into post-traumatic growth. By the end of the episode everyone affected by cancer, including loves ones, will have received practical advice on how to cope with a cancer diagnosis. The series and War On Cancer podcast: episode 3 is available for free on all major platforms, including SpotifyApple Podcasts and Acast. New episodes released on Thursdays.

“What I recommend, to relatives, is to try and forget about a ‘correct way.’ Try to tune in on what the person is feeling and needing at the moment and use your individual compassion to understand.” – Dag Härdfelt, Licensed Psychologist working with people newly diagnosed with cancer

Read more from Licensed Psychologist Dag Härdfeldt here:

Coping with a cancer diagnosis

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