Monday 10 May, 2021

War On Cancer Releases Findings from Latest Mental Health Study

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War On Cancer, the digital support tool aiming to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer, shares latest findings from mental health study.

STOCKHOLM, May 10th – War On Cancer (, the Stockholm-based digital support tool that aims to improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer, recently hosted a Panel Discussion to discuss the key findings from the latest War On Cancer Health Study: Is Cancer Care Addressing Your Mental Health?

On World Cancer Day 2021, the War On Cancer app launched its third Health Study to better understand how healthcare is currently addressing the mental health of everyone affected by cancer. 1,000 people during and after treatment took part in the study, with the majority coming from the UK, Sweden, and the US. The goal and purpose with this study was to investigate cancer patients’ perception and experience of how health care and society addresses the topic of mental health during and after cancer treatment. 

The health study identified four key findings, that 71% of participants believe their mental health has declined during cancer treatment, that 86% believe healthcare should refer people diagnosed with cancer to a therapist/psychologist, that 51% of respondents were never informed about the physical or mental health effects of cancer post-treatment, and lastly, that 68% of loved ones have not received mental health support.

The War On Cancer app invited leading experts and a diverse group of stakeholders from across Europe, who all work in different areas of cancer, to discuss these findings and what needs to be done to improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer, including loved ones.

Update or download the War On Cancer app to watch the panel discussion. You’ll find it under “Discover.”

Initiator of the panel discussion, Fabian Bolin, CEO and Co-founder of the War On Cancer app, says that even though it has been five years since his own diagnosis and is now declared cancer-free, he will never stop pressing for change within cancer healthcare until cancer care views a person affected by cancer holistically.

“I am not surprised that our study highlighted that 71% of participants state that their mental health has declined but what saddens me is that so many report that they have not been offered support, during and after treatment. This is something we can fix and that is why we invited everyone involved in cancer treatment into this discussion; from the pharmaceutical sector, to neuroscientists, to psycho-social researchers, to oncologists and a cancer patient currently in treatment,”
said Fabian.

Dr Hans Hägglund, M.D, Hematologist, Professor, Sweden’s National Cancer Coordinator, took part of the debate and said that, until now, cancer care and research has focused a lot on measuring survival and clearly needs to start focusing on more nuanced aspects of cancer care going forward.

“Measuring survival is easier, either you are dead or you are alive, but I believe that going forward we need to start addressing mental health, too, and we are seeing gradual changes in that direction. But I would like to encourage all patients to ask their medical team to ask that question to them when they meet; ask your doctor to ask you about your mental health. That is how we can speed up the process,” said Dr Hägglund.

The panel consisted of: 

  • Mouna Esmaeilzadeh, who moderated the event – an M.D., Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and TV Personality.
  • Elin Kjos – Lung cancer patient, fitness & health inspiration.
  • Dr. Csaba Dégi – PhD, Director at International Psycho-Oncology Society, Board Member at European Cancer Organisation.
  • Dr. Hans Hägglund – M.D., Hematologist, Professor, Sweden’s National Cancer Coordinator
  • Dr. Susanne Schaffert – PhD, President of Novartis Oncology.
  • Dr. Martin Inderbitzin – PhD, Neuroscientist, Mindset & Self-Leadership Expert, Pancreatic cancer survivor.
  • Fabian Bolin – CEO & Co-founder at War On Cancer, blood cancer survivor

About War On Cancer

War On Cancer was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017. The company recently raised a

£2,500,000 Pre-A round, with H&M Chairman Karl-Johan Persson, The Wallenberg Family Foundation and former Swedbank CEO Michael Wolf investing. The company has, to-date, raised £3,400,000.

During late 2020, War On Cancer was approved by ORCHA – the world’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation. Furthermore, Microsoft recently selected War On Cancer into their new program Microsoft for Startups with a £85,000 grant. War On Cancer employs 18 people, with its team split between Sweden and Bosnia.

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