Tuesday 8 September, 2020

War On Cancer Health Studies, now live in-app

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War On Cancer Launches First In-App User Study To Discover How COVID-19 Is Affecting People Going Through Cancer. In partnership with researchers at Karolinska Institutet, we are now enabling our members in the War On Cancer app to share insights on life during the corona pandemic, with the results being used to help improve cancer care.

Health Study: Life with cancer during the corona crisis

The study aims to assess how people affected by cancer (including current/former patients, and loved ones) are being impacted during the coronavirus pandemic, by asking about their experience of healthcare systems, work support, and general health and wellbeing. The patient-reported outcome data, which until now has not been accessible to any researchers or academic institutions, will help researchers at Karolinska Institutet improve cancer care throughout the potential next waves of the pandemic.

The study, which is launched to all War On Cancer members, will ask users questions such as: ‘Have any of your loved ones faced difficulties in their contact with cancer healthcare due to the coronavirus pandemic?’, ‘If you are currently admitted to the hospital, are/have visits from friends and family been affected by the coronavirus pandemic?’, and ‘Have you faced difficulties contacting cancer-related healthcare due to the corona pandemic?’’

Shaping the future of cancer care through patient-led insights

The collaboration with researchers at Karolinska Institutet marks the first Health Study being launched by War On Cancer, with many more planned for the coming months and years. Through these, War On Cancer users can, in a completely consensual and transparent way, opt-in to participate in questionnaires that aim to utilise real-world evidence in order to better understand the needs and wants of patients, survivors and loved ones. Users will be asked to provide insights on what life is like during and after cancer treatment, including experienced symptoms, perceived quality of healthcare, and quality of life.

To maximise the efficacy of the Health Studies, War On Cancer has appointed Lisen Arnheim Dahlström as its first Head of Health Studies and Real World Evidence. Formerly Real World Insight Manager at the global biopharmaceutical company, Celgene, Dahlström is an expert in patient-reported data, epidemiology, life sciences, and oncology.

The findings of these studies will be shared with trusted War On Cancer partners, including researchers, life sciences organisations, and healthcare institutions, which until now have had limited access to patient-reported outcomes (PROs), which come directly from the patient and their love ones, and without the risk of erroneous interpretation by a clinician.

War On Cancer is uniting patient voices, empowering their users to have a genuine impact on improving the future of potentially life-changing patient care and cancer research by providing researchers with the valuable real-world insights needed to drive innovation.

“Now that we have built up our community, we are allowing War On Cancer users to contribute to the advancement of cancer research,” comments War On Cancer CEO and co-founder Fabian Bolin. “The launch of our first Health Study, alongside researchers at Karolinska Institutet, marks the next step of our journey as we evolve from a social network designed for the sharing of experiences, to one that also will play a critical role in shaping the future of cancer care through patient-led insights.

War On Cancer app co-founders Sebastian Hermelin and Fabian Bolin

Participate in the first War On Cancer Health Study and help researchers understand.
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