Monday 1 February, 2021

World Cancer Day – Health Study & New Feature Release!

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War On Cancer is here to hear you. To put the “patient” voice first. Basically, we operate from the fact that anyone who goes through cancer is best equipped to inform cancer research and transform cancer care. 

World Cancer Day is coming up this Thursday, February 4th and we’re marking it with some very exciting news. But, in essence, every day at War On Cancer is World Cancer Day.

What we’re releasing on Thursday, World Cancer Day:
New Health Study – Is cancer care addressing your mental health?
New feature – Introducing Insights

The fact is, going through cancer sucks. And oftentimes, cancer is addressed in unhelpful ways filled with pity and sorrow, which makes it even harder. Really, we’re all humans who need to feel normal in an abnormal situation, ordinary amidst the extraordinary. We also need hope to hold onto – that something is happening that’s moving the future forward in a positive direction. Tweaking it one day at a time. 

This World Cancer Day, we want to flip the narrative around: that in your ordinariness, you can do extraordinary things. You are the voice that needs to be heard by healthcare and cancer research so that cancer becomes something a little more bearable – mentally and emotionally. You are the hope that you need – that the world of cancer needs – to trust in and listen to in order to make progress towards improved mental health and wellbeing for everyone affected by cancer. 

In line with that, we’re releasing a new health study in the War On Cancer app to make it easy for you to make your experience heard in cancer care and cancer research – tweaking the future one voice at a time. Plus, we’re marking the occasion with a completely new in-app feature that’s well worth you updating the War On Cancer app come Thursday. 

New health study – Is Cancer Care Addressing Your Mental Health?

The purpose of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of what’s currently being done in healthcare today regarding the mental health and wellbeing of people who are diagnosed with cancer. When, if at all, are we being offered tools to maintain and improve mental health during this experience? Do we want to accept support if it’s offered? Where are there gaps and do people who go through cancer feel that what’s being done to support their comprehensive well-being is sufficient?

Only people who go through cancer (aka you and us) have the answers to questions like this.  World Cancer Day needs to do more than raise awareness. We all need to put awareness to practice. Who better to do so than you, everyone who’s been affected by cancer, who knows what it’s like best? Putting your voice in the center means putting you, and thousands of others’ needs first and better the future.

Turns out, helping people is a coping mechanism, so if nothing else, perhaps your mental health will improve just the slightest by participating in the health study in the War On Cancer app.

It only takes 5 minutes, which is pretty low threshold, high impact change-making. Update to the latest version or download the War On Cancer app below to participate on Thursday, February 4th!

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New feature – Introducing Insights

Not only do we care about the wellbeing of everyone who goes through cancer in the future, but we’re doing what we can now to fill the gap between the support you receive from healthcare and family and friends. Who to turn to when you’re wondering when or if you’re going to start losing your hair? What about feeling less alone when you’re the only one you know going through cancer? 

War On Cancer is a digital support tool that helps you connect with others who know what it’s like – people who’ve been in your shoes and have had to navigate similar waters. 

In this spirit, War On Cancer lifts voices of experts – whether they’ve experienced cancer themselves or have dedicated their lives to bettering those who do so  – on subjects ranging from mental health to relationships to how to think about nutrition or exercise. Now, it’s possible to access all of this insight, research, wisdom, tips, you name it, in the War On Cancer app via our new feature called Insights! 

Instead of Googling your way to the answers, download the War On Cancer app and click on “Discover” in the main menu bar. There you’ll find all kinds of content to digest and learn from during and after cancer treatment.

There are always more gaps to fill – are you looking for content for a subject matter and can’t find it? Email us at if you’d like us to cover a specific topic. 

With a new health study and the insights feature launching, make sure to update the app (or download it below). Let’s tweak the future together and make our voices heard. 

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