Friday 4 February, 2022

#WorldCancerDay: For All The Moments Cancer Brings

No single moment defines cancer. From the day of diagnosis, cancer becomes a collection of moments, a multitude of emotions and feelings – a rollercoaster, an experience. Today is #WorldCancerDay – awareness days can also bring a mix of emotions to the surface, just like cancer. For all life throws at us –moments of joy, sadness, togetherness, gratitude, and frustration – War On Cancer is here with you, through it all.

As a patient-founded, patient-first health-tech startup, we believe the voices of everyone impacted by cancer are the most important, and the most powerful.

Launching New Health Study: For All The Moments Cancer Brings

In line with that, this World Cancer Day, we’re launching our first Health Study of 2022: For All The Moments Cancer Brings. The purpose is to better understand when during or after cancer people experience these moments – moments of joy or sadness, frustration or togetherness. This research will help us gain insights into our members’ experiences and mental health/wellbeing, and use the power of the patient voice to push cancer research and care forward.

Only people who go through cancer have the answers to questions like this and World Cancer Day is an opportunity to put awareness into action. Who better to do so than you – people who have been impacted by cancer and know all too well the moments of joy, togetherness, frustration, or loneliness?

Your voice counts for the future of cancer research and care. By taking 3 minutes to complete the study in the War On Cancer app, you have the power to improve the lives of everyone affected by cancer. Talk about low threshold, high impact change-making.

Update to the latest version or download the War On Cancer app below to participate! Let’s do this.

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