War On Cancer is here to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer.


Fabian Bolin & Sebastian Hermelin

Founders of War On Cancer

In 2015 at 28 years old, Fabian was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). In what he later reflects on as a cry for help, Fabian  began documenting his cancer battle on a blog, processing the emotional trauma. Little did he know that he would wake up soon after publishing his first post to tens of thousands of shares, comments, and likes. In openly processing his experience, Fabian saw how many others also needed a space to share  their stories and lend a helping hand; a place to feel heard and be less alone. Fabian felt a newfound sense of deep meaning and purpose that sparked the beginning of  post-traumatic growth. An idea was born: to create a place where everyone impacted by cancer can band together and grow through adversity.

Fabian’s close friend, Sebastian, witnessed first hand the positive influence writing had on Fabian’s mental health and together they conceptualized an idea for a global platform – War On Cancer. What was first launched as a blog portal in 2016 has now grown into one of the world’s largest social apps that improves the lives of everyone impacted by cancer. Members can connect with others in a similar experience, journal, share their stories, ask questions, and help others. The app also amplifies the patient voice in cancer research through in-app studies, making it easy to make their experiences count and shape the future of cancer care.


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News and insights

Sex, Intimacy, and Cancer Treatment

Sex, Intimacy, and Cancer Treatment

Let’s be real: people think about sex. Yes, some aspects of sex are still pretty taboo, but throw cancer into the mix and you could hear a pin drop. People go mute. So do many doctors.  It’s important that when you go through cancer, you’re fully informed about...

Feeling Attractive When Going Through Cancer

Feeling Attractive When Going Through Cancer

It can be hard to feel attractive when going through cancer. From our day-to-day routine, to how we think and feel and, sometimes, how we look, cancer can change everything.Maintaining your sense of self and identity if you’re impacted by cancer can be a difficult...

How To Prepare For Cancer Surgery

How To Prepare For Cancer Surgery

As part of cancer treatment, you may have to have surgery. It may be confusing to know how to prepare for cancer surgery, especially when surgeries can vary in size and length. For many, simply having to go to the hospital can also be stressful and...

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