Life Science

By uniting patients on a global platform, we’re able to bridge the gap between cancer patients and the life sciences sector. Through the War On Cancer app, patients will be able to engage in consensual sharing of self-reported data. Data that can not only accelerate research within oncology and immunotherapy, but also help healthcare institutions better understand how both physical and mental health can be improved, for cancer patients, survivors and loved ones.
“War On Cancer is the definition of what the future of patient driven healthcare could look like: engaged and involved individuals helping themselves and each other through the power of technology.”

Other partners

Together with our verified partners we promise to:


The patient’s data will never be shared, used or transferred without explicit consent from the patient.


We believe data ownership should be given back to users. The patient can at any time stop donating data, request for data to be deleted and receive insight into what data is being stored and where.


Patients will be able to track their data, follow how it’s being used and see the positive impact it is generating.

Let’s disrupt together.

We are open to partnering with anyone who shares our values. Contact us for more information on how we can improve the lives of cancer patients globally, together.