Friday 11 September, 2020

Perspective is Everything

✨ Shift your thoughts, change your reality! ✨

I’ve been working extra hard the last month through listening to my thoughts and consciously shifting my viewpoint. 🌟

With the world situation and what’s unfolding with my family it’s requiring extra diligence to stay positive. 🌈

This is an example. In two weeks I’m traveling to Northern California to see my family in an area with rapidly developing covid cases. It’s very important for me to see my mother at this time. ♥️

My mind can spiral into fear with a thought like, “Tara, you could get the virus and never make it back home again?!?” This is the extreme fear based reality.

I CHOOSE to shift my perspective and change the thought to: “I’m going to the Bay Area and am going to be just fine. I will be safe and will make it back home.”

Journeying with stage 4 cancer I am constantly aware of the thoughts that creep into my mind. I know that if I started focusing on the dire nature of cancer I would just be feeding the dis-ease. Thoughts are like food. You CHOOSE what to feed your mind! 🌟

Fear and cancer walk hand in hand!

Harness the healing capacity of your thoughts and you will feed your bodies capacity to heal!

🌞How can you consciously shift YOUR thought paradigm today? 🌞

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