Friday 11 September, 2020

Shining the Diamond of My Soul

My life has been a jagged, windy road and I’m grateful for every growth opportunity that comes my way. Four years ago my best friend of 19 years died from Leukemia. I was honored to be one of her main caretakers for 22 months from diagnosis to death. Her death helped bring a valuable awareness of my own mortality. 

One year after she died I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. For 2.5 years I chose an exclusively natural non-toxic approach to healing.  During this time I ran a horse retreat center where people could spend healing time with horses.  A very unfortunate event occurred, which forced me to sell my business, horses and retreat center. Due to the immense stress, the cancer progressed to be Stage 4 in multiple areas in my body. 

After this life-changing event, I decided to move back home to my ancestral home of Kauai, Hawaii with the intention to heal. As my body declined I had to take a hard look at my belief system whether or not to stay committed to healing naturally. Was I going to die for my stubborn choice of not doing chemotherapy or was I brave enough to do the thing I feared the most, which was chemotherapy? After my best friends death I had a large amount of trauma, which fueled my fear of doing chemotherapy. I chose life! 

Tara in Hawaii

The mind is meant to be questioned and belief systems can be changed.  Now I’ve been doing chemotherapy and complementary natural treatments since May and have had successful results. My blood tests show I’m ‘cancer free’ and my cat scans continue to have miraculous results of the cancer continuing to shrink!

I am very aware how fragile life is. Living with a life-threatening diagnosis has been challenging, but I have learned the most valuable gift. I now know that every moment I’m alive is precious.  I’m truly appreciative of my beautiful body, spirit, heart and soul. 

It’s usually the most difficult moments that grow us and stretch us to new levels of awareness.  Diamonds are birthed under pressure. I know that as deeply as I’m challenged, I will in turn be gifted with incredibly valuable insights. So I choose to be grateful and enjoy every moment that I can!

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