Tuesday 4 February, 2020

The day of my diagnosis – bowel cancer

Dahlia, based in Australia, diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 27.

My surgeon told me the day of my diagnosis (bowel cancer) that based on my CT scan, there would only be a 5 percent chance that I would require an ileostomy*.

Managing my stoma 💩

If there is anything that this particular instance taught me, it’s that nothing is for certain. And to not become fixated on any one outcome. Once something has/hasn’t happened, accepting the circumstances is the best way to go, fighting them with only cause you suffering. Eventually, after about a month I felt comfortable with my ileostomy and actually began to flaunt it.

I’d intentionally wear crop tops and would happily go to the beach in a bikini. I know that it can be a sensitive issue for many people. So I figured I was comfortable with mine so let’s get the conversation happening. It turned out that the more I spoke about my stoma, the better I felt about it.

The day to day life with a stoma

The day to day life with a stoma meant I needed to use the bathroom more often. As well has carrying extra supplies in my car, it also meant a minor change in my diet. All of those things were absolutely manageable. And I can truly say that if I had to keep my ileostomy forever, that I would be okay. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about my stoma. Or anything related to being diagnosed with bowel cancer 👌

*Ileostomy is a stoma constructed by bringing the end or loop of small intestine out onto the surface of the skin, or the surgical procedure which creates this opening. Intestinal waste passes out of the ileostomy and is collected in an artificial external pouching system which is adhered to the skin.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer

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Dahlia, based in Australia, diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 27.

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