Wednesday 4 March, 2020

What They Should’ve Told Me About Cancer

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They should’ve told me how I would be in awe of my body.
It was a warrior, fighting every day for me. Even when faced with a seemingly impossible circumstance – it would try endlessly to protect and heal me on its own. They should’ve told me that I would look at my scars as storytellers of the resilience of my body.

They should told me

That I would realize my mistakes.
My life would finally be in focus. I would discover beauty in small moments and gratitude would ooze from my pores. How sun rays feel on my face, even when it’s thirty degrees below zero.  They should’ve told me that life on the other side of cancer is full of appreciation and wonder.

How I would be ashamed of how I took my health for granted before this experience.
I was ignorant. It was something I deserved; I never thought about my health declining, even as I grew older. But cancer takes control.  I was desperate to go back to the way things were… but there was no going back. They should’ve told me how I would value every luxury a healthy body and mind offers.

How much I would treasure my independence.
I could barely peel myself out of bed – I am so fortunate now. I have the energy to travel. The capability to walk to a coffee date. They should have told me how I would be forever grateful just to partake in life.

I would discover my full potential.
When it seemed I was at the end of my rope, I realized I could go much further. I realized I can endure much more than I ever thought was possible. I learned that if I inch forward, I’m still moving forward. They should’ve told me that cancer would instill in me the confidence to defeat anything.

And lastly, they should have told me

They should’ve told me I would become fearless.

Amy Morris is an Oncology Pharmacist – Cancer Survivor – Clinician – Educator – Mom Follow and connect with @amydeepharmd in the War On Cancer app

Connect with Amy from Canada in the War On Cancer app

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