Friday 11 September, 2020

You are so much more than your diagnosis

Lately I’ve been reading articles and listening to podcasts by people with stage 4 cancer. Initially I’m excited to hear the content, but then I’m quickly turned off with the viewpoint of the speaker. Each perspective comes from a viewpoint of a ‘dying person’. I love how those of us walking with a serious diagnosis are getting more news coverage, but I’m not so into the shallow lens in which it’s shared. 

Those of us who DIS IDENTIFY with a cancer diagnosis are the ones that live longer, experience spontaneous complete remission and heal from cancer! Those that stay stuck in the cancer paradigm and make it their daily story are they ones that stay caught in the paradigm and usually die much quicker then those who see beyond it. 

I’m not saying that the challenges and difficulties of walking on a cancer path aren’t valid as they are. I live with my brain everyday and each moment is a conscious choice to see myself as healthy! I live with my body that feels the discomfort of a double hip surgery and side effects of treatment, but I am choosing to live my life fully and not let these challenges limit me! 

Every second is a conscious choice to identify with your diagnosis or not. 

What do you choose? 🌹What story are you creating?

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